Saturday, August 25, 2012

medieval fest!

recently we went to a medieval fest.   fests are one of the things i love about germany.   i really love the medieval fests because people come out all decked out in costumes and do a lot of traditional crafts, dances and street shows.   most are free to attend.   some have an entrance fee and are pretty expensive.   haven't been in one of those so i have no idea if it's worth it.

this is the second year we have gone to this one.   they have a great displays and shows.   last year they had a re-enactment of someone who was being arrested for something.   the yelling upset my blonde curls so i didn't see all of it.   i assume they do it every year, the same people were there this year and we've seen the same people at some of the other fests.   

this is just the outer wall of the main part of city.   it used to be the outer wall of the castle.
to get up into the main part of the city, you can go up these steps, which is just worth the cool walk on the steps.

step entrance.   93 steps
this talks about the dry stack wall.
this is a garden entrance for someone's back yard
the last building before the main entrance
cool old window
some of the costumed realism hangin' out with a serious set of dreads looking on.

some shops in the fest
a mason worker shop where kids can try their hand at some stone work

traditional worker making slate hearts.   the outfit is common with tradesmen even today.   it's something you have to earn the right to wear

less medieval but a common site for fests now.   3 spits flaming lots of steak at a time on a chain driven motor.   i love fest food!   (my hubby thinks i'm nuts for taking so many pictures.   so, of course i have to do it more)

just a cool thing by the side of the road

beautiful buildings
cool stands
marzipan figures

if your a quilter, this should inspire you
these are such cute metal work rocking yard art pieces

really beautiful artwork
alley stairs
big ol' weaving shuttle in a second hand store
army relics

have a coke

cute little worms
fest filled streets
stilt man making balloon animals and playing with the kids
make your own stick broom

handmade woven chair seats and backs
wonderful nature crafts

take a ride atop this wooden horse for 1€

back yard garden
just wonderful little things that speckle the streets of german towns

sun setting on the church tower

great homemade train to ride around the town
traditional liebk├╝chen sold at most fests.   it's like a gingerbread cookie made int a necklace

looking up at the city at night