Tuesday, August 14, 2012

crown with ponies

 this was fun and didn't take long.   this one was actually a rush job so we could get out of the house.   

i split the hair in half and then across the front and curved back to the center.   it leaves a heart with a rounded bottom when you do both sides.   tie the center pieces up out of the way.   
then braid the outside section following the inside line.   your heading for the opposite side center section.   at the center split, keep braiding and then hold it out of the way.   
 when you've done both sides, just bring the braid from the opposite side to the center section and pony it up.   we braid because i don't want to have to brush the tangles at night but you could leave it loose too.

i can't wait to try it again , less rushed and maybe more even.   even rushed it was super cute and fun.   it's actually pretty fast to do.

this is the same thing but opposite.
i just started under and braided up and across the top.   this picture was taken after a full day and a gymnastics show my daughter was in.   it held up really well.