Thursday, August 9, 2012

plunging into thankful thursday

here we are at thankful thursday again.   man the weeks go fast.   i can't keep track of the days since the kids are out of school.

today, i am thankful for plungers!

i know . . .ew1   but think about what you'd do with out a plunger.   yeah, how are you going to fix that mess now?   i thought so.  many german toilets have less than efficient flushing so i really like my plunger now.   i've had to use them on sinks and bath tubs but it's generally more urgent when used in pottys.   so yeah for plungers!

if you've ever had a baby that didn't want to leave the warm cozy womb, they might have used a plunger like device to stick to the baby's head and try to pull a bit.   mine had too much hair so it didn't work, but it amused me no end.

of course there are the plungers that set off explosions.   love those!   lots of those big important buttons that move things and drop things and set off the end of the world  or other nasty self destruct count downs are a plunger.

there's the kind that pushes out cookies, frosting, and all kids of yummy little  cut outs.

a lot of things that have something that pushes in technically have plungers.   choppers and those mixer things that you plunge the handle up and down.   they have plungers.    coffee plungers move the water around your coffee or tea leaves.   same basic thing as the mixer but fancy cuz it's for coffee.

syringes have plungers.   those are handy, generally unpleasant but necessary all the same.

extruders have plungers.   that is a completely different topic in itself.   how many things are made with an extruder?

valves sometimes have plungers.   also important.   pumps use plungers to move the water or whatever and you might need to use a plunger to prime a pump that has been sitting for a while as well.  

some tea infuser thingies are called plungers.  not a tea person, but important to someone.

there's a plunger pin, which looks like a nut and bolt with a ring on it.   it's probably more complicated than that but we are just hitting the basics here.    

trumpet players use a plunger.   those are pretty cool.   gotta love that kind of plunger.

they make a little tiny plunger that sticks to your iphone to lean it on.   i didn't come up with it, i just report it.

some corks for wine bottles are called a plunger type, i didn't know that.   i love finding these random things.

you could stick a plunger in your driveway and have yourself a nice redneck sun dial.

the clicker on a pen is called a plunger.

there is a kind of testing dial that is called a plunger

not convinced?   what would comedy be without plungers?   i mean how else are you going to shut that guy up?   what are you going to shoot so you can drag them back by the backside?   how are you going to walk up that wall?   how are you going to get that mouse out of that hole?   what else are you going to stick to that bald head?  really. . .how empty would comedy be without the plunger?

ok, there are more things than i ever knew called a plunger.  really amazing stuff. . .  not amazing. . actually boring but necessary stuff for lots of boring things that make what i'm sure are amazing things.

today, be grateful for your plunger that does the dirty work, the plungers that make cool things, the plungers that push all kinds of things and especially, the plungers that end up on on wile coyote's face. . . and the 3 stooges many plunger uses.   yep, i would laugh less and ick more without plungers.