Tuesday, August 14, 2012

throwing triangle

 this is a silly thing that my uncles used to do.   it was a ton of fun, but when they started doing it, i duck and covered.   they would make these and chase each other all over my grandmother's little house.   they would launch themselves over furniture and crash around trying to get each other.   i enjoyed watching the ruckus, but stayed in the corner by the tv, it was safest there.   the point of their game was to throw one of these at the other, which is totally harmless because it breaks up on contact. . . usually.   then they scrambled to get all 5 pieces and reassemble it so they could chase and attack.   it was hilarious.   sometimes they got it tight enough that it wouldn't break apart and they could just grab and run.   this lasted until my grandmother came back into the house and sent the hilarity outside.   then i watched from the window, definitely safer.

as i got older they finally tried to teach me to make them.   i couldn't actually do it for a while.   it requires some coordination and hand strength.

my daughter made one at school on corndog day.   those sticks are longer and easier to use.   the ones we used in the pictures were harder because they are weird shaped.   i couldn't find 5 regular popsicle sticks in the house, how crazy is that?     these worked.   i colored them different colors so it would be easier to see and explain.

first three stacked and fanned out.   the center has to be on top though
 then weave your first cross member in.   you have to take the cross member, green, across the top of the center, blue, one.   you still have to hold it together though.   this is where the hand strength and coordination comes in.
 hold those first three together
  now weave the second, light blue, cross member in.   it has to go the opposite of the first one, lt blue opposite of green.
 it takes some practice for little hands but 7-8 year olds can usually get it.   younger takes a little longer.
this is what it looks like finished.   i'm sure there are some great object lessons, science lessons and other practical uses for this silly little thing.   mostly, they are just fun to throw and watch explode.